Pre-Cast Concrete Betonblocks
Fast, safe and simple - a great solution to many construction site problems

This superb system uses interlocking pre-cast concrete blocks, cast at our Park Quarry, to construct a variety of permanent or temporary structures. The wonderfully simple dimple and recess design allows structures to be dry built, ensuring that the blocks can be relocated and rebuilt many times over.

The Blocks are available in two sizes:-

Whole block – 1,600 x 800 x 800mm (approx. 2.4 tonnes)
½ block – 800 x 800 x 800mm (approx. 1.2 tonnes)
Blocks come with cast-in forklift slots ensuring placement is both safe and easy.

Our interlocking block system has been used for in a wide range of projects including: storage bays for aggregates, grain, scrap, etc., ballast weights for scaffolding, retaining walls, river bank protection, temporary buildings, etc.

Blocks are typically held in stock but should you require a large number then please contact us for availability. Blocks are available at our Park Quarry or alternatively we can arrange delivery direct to your project.

If you have any queries regarding our pre-cast concrete blocks please do not hesitate to contact Tim Davies on 01330 811771.