Timmermarket Health Centre & Social Housing

The Timmermarket Clinic and Social Housing

The project was a Joint Venture between NHS Grampian and Grampian Housing Association for the construction of a Drug Rehabilitation and Health Centre on the ground floor, and 53 Social Housing flats on the upper floors.

The Drug & Health Centre is accessed from the main street and houses consultation and treatment rooms in addition to advice units and clerical support facilities. The flats have a completely separate access from a landscaped courtyard to the rear of the building.

The structure of the Drug and Health Centre area is steel frame to provide open-plan spaces; the housing is timber-kit construction on top of a permanent formwork concrete transfer slab at first floor level. Elevations are clad in large zinc panels and textured blockwork, and the roof is a combination of standing seam roofing and membrane flat-roofing to balcony areas.

location :

East North Street, Aberdeen

architect :

Richard Murphy Associates

engineer :

Cameron & Ross

surveyor :

Baxter Dunn & Gray

cdm-c :

Turner & Townsend

duration :

88 Weeks